Bomberman in Azure (Microsoft Cloud)


In 2013, i had to develop and deploy for a school named Supinfo * a microsoft cloud based version of the famous bomberman game whose you’ll find the project documentation and the source code below.

* please forget the name, it doesn’t worth it…if you want to know why read the older twits of the twitter account @do_it_simple

The Bomberman game

Wikipedia being our friend, you’ll find here ¬†everything that you need to understand the concepts of this game.


Technical overview

Developped in C# .NET (version 4) for the Microsoft Cloud (aka Azure), the project Bomberman,  is written thanks to the Microsoft MVC framework for the Web tier part  on one hand and on the other hand, thanks to the Microsoft EF framework for the Database tier.

Moreover, at the client side, the jquery framework was added to make easier the asyncrone communication (in JSON) between the browser and the webapp.

Database structure for Entity Framework


The sourcecode of this project is hosted at github